Gym80 Medical 4E

Therapists and hospitals have an interesting alternative to existing isokinetic systems in the form of 4E Medical. The range offers isokinetic, isotonic, isometric and high-eccentricity training. With perfect biomechanics. The equipment in the 4E Medical range is compact. With 4E Medical, you can serve a wide range of target groups. In practical use, the training resistance can be varied in 100 g increments. This allows rehabilitation training that was previously regarded as impossible. An important element of 4E Medical is the gym80 software. With it, every therapy is documented, every piece of progress is recorded and data is tracked in real time. The personalized training plan accompanies the patient, allowing results to be analysed in detail. Strengths and weaknesses can be specifically targeted. The software can be put together entirely in line with your needs and has a modular structure.